Building & Grounds Committee

Meetinghouse (2012)

The Building and Grounds Committee is charged with stewardship of our building and grounds all for events to be held outside, people can find a worshipful or meditative outside environment, and the activities, gardening, and other creative uses nurtures the Columbia Friends community.

The work of the committee includes the following;

  • Developing policies and guidelines for the use of the building and grounds (to be approved by Meeting for Business) and assuring they are followed.
  • Scheduling and managing the use of our property for activities of Columbia Friends Meeting and of and other community organizations.
  • Providing for care and maintenance of the property and buildings
  • Providing landscaping, external contractual work as needed, advising the Meeting for Business of needs and concerns that may arise.
  • Advising the Meeting for Business when new building or grounds improvements and building investments are necessary or advised
  • Scheduling volunteer opportunities, including work days, for the meeting house and grounds.
  • Working with other committees as they have needs that would enhance those committee objectives
  • Overseeing the part of Meeting’s budget that pertains to the committee’s charge, as directed by Monthly Meeting.
  • Maintaining accurate working records.
The committee is encouraged to ask for help from meeting members and attenders in carrying out these responsibilities.

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