Peace Now

Peace Now: Clean Up, Not Build Up at Savannah River Site

This documentary film short asks viewers to hold onto visions of peace and stand against nuclear proliferation. Peace Now: Clean Up, Not Build Up at Savannah River Site (15 min.) introduces audiences to SRS and to challenges met and those upcoming, namely the proposed production of plutonium pits (triggers for nuclear weapons) at SRS. Placing SRS in the context of U.S. nuclear weapons development more broadly, Tom Clements of SRS Watch, along with South Carolina activists Leslie Minard and David Matos, inform and inspire on the long road to nuclear disarmament, where the work is hard, but the reward is priceless.

Tom Clements, Leslie Minard and David Matos have been invited to attend and answer questions after the showing of the video.You can view the video in advance here: