Climate Change Limerick Test

Hello Friends, join in on the fun. The link will be attached below. Here is a twitter challenge comment down below with your Limerick!! Columbia Friend, Charlie Goldman expressed his Limericks down below to get you started. Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson has started a twitter challenge on writing a limerick about climate change.

My 2 limericks (not especially funny):
Climate has changed, and not for the better.
Some places dry out, and some get much wetter.
Pols and pluts will scheme and will profit.
But leaders and children will tell them to stop it.
United we flourish, divided we suffer.
For the heating to stop, we must get tougher.
People and animals run but can’t hide.
Most of our cities drown in the tide.
Soon we will all learn to abhor it.
Some will freak out; some will ignore it.
We all must join forces from far and from near.
For that is the way to overcome fear.