Nuclear Weapons Illegal

The path to a nuclear free United States could begin with a practical reordering of the nuclear budget as proposed by Global Zero in the report summarized below:

The U.S. can reduce its nuclear force by over two-thirds, saving billions while maintaining an effective deterrent and setting the stage for all nuclear-armed states to work together on real steps toward zero.

Key changes to the arsenal include:

1. Eliminate silo-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

The U.S. plans to replace the Minuteman III ICBMs with the new Ground Based Strategic Deterrent. The Alt NPR calls for ICBMs to be taken off high alert and phased out of the nuclear force. These weapons are vulnerable and redundant, causing more risk than any perceived benefit.

Estimated savings: $149 billion over 30 years*

2. Reduce the submarine force from 12 to 5 subs.

The U.S. also plans to replace its nuclear ballistic missiles submarines with 12 new submarines, spending an estimated $14 billion on the first sub and an average of $7.4 billion on each additional sub. Under the Alt NPR, the U.S. would maintain a second-strike capability through a survivable monad of five submarines, patrolling the oceans virtually undetectable.

Estimated savings: $65 billion over 30 years

3. No new sea-launched cruise missile.

The Trump NPR calls for a new sea-launched cruise missile with no evidence for such a need. The Alt NPR recognizes there is no military value in these weapons as they discount the value of non-nuclear deterrent forces and would increase the risk of nuclear use and uncontrollable escalation to all-out nuclear conflict.

Estimated savings: $9 billion over 10 years

For Information: TPNW-FACT-SHEET.pdf