Sweet home Monte Verde film is streaming on PBS

The story of this filmmaking venture begins in 2013 when Bill Adler and his family were living in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Bill had a passion to preserve the history of the community’s original founders, a group of Quakers from Fairhope, Alabama, so he began the task of interviewing the elders and crafting a film. Along the way, there were some starts and stops (these often happen with independent film projects), and in 2017, Robin Truesdale joined Bill to direct and edit the hour-long documentary. The film was finished in February 2020 just weeks before the Covid pandemic began erupting around the world. 
Covid threw us for a loop, canceling the theatrical premiere and plans for a film tour at festivals and conferences. But virtual connections came to the rescue. We’ve been able to screen the film for virtual groups and film festivals and take part in online Q&A discussions. 
We want to express our thanks to all the film’s supporters – from the early days, through the production years, and during our pandemic release! Also, we’re extremely grateful to the individuals and families who shared their stories, both on and off camera. Their actions continue to impact our world. 
Please enjoy watching this amazing story of courage, conviction, and kindness! https://video.rmpbs.org/video/sweet-home-monteverde-dh7gzy/
Best wishes for 2022, Robin Truesdale and Bill Adler
Mission Statement: Through documentary storytelling, we strive to expand our understanding of the human experience and foster an informed, connected, and compassionate world.

Robin Truesdale and Bill Adler

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