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LWVSC Opposes SC Nuclear PlansWinter 2022 League of Women Voters of South Carolina Newsletter 

The League of Women Voters of Horry County (LWVHC) asked that the League of Women Voters of South Carolina (LWVSC) oppose Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) relicensing of the Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility (CFFF) operated by The Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC). WEC was requesting a license renewal of 40 years.

The CFFF is located in Hopkins, SC, and has a history of uncontrolled releases of radioactive and non-radioactive hazardous wastes into the environment including underlying groundwater. The LWVSC recommended renewal of the WEC license to operate the CFFF for 10 years stating that a shorter license renewal may incentivize WEC to become better stewards of South Carolina’s environment and natural resources. This letter was submitted to the NRC on November 18, 2021. To date, the NRC has not responded to this recommendation.

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The LWVHC also asked that the LWVSC oppose plans to construct the proposed Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility (SRPPF) at the Savannah River Plant located near Aiken, SC. A plutonium pit is the bowling ball-size radioactive core used to trigger the detonation of a nuclear warhead. The proposed Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility would have the capability of producing an additional 50 plutonium pits per year by 2030.

On December 7, 2021, the LWVSC submitted a letter to the White House (Nuclear Posture Review), Jennifer Granholm (Secretary of the US Department of Energy), and Jill Hruby (Administrator-National Nuclear Security Administration) opposing the construction of the SRPPF on the basis of 1) protection of the environment, 2) construction cost, 3) resumption of the nuclear arms race, and 4) the DOE should focus on a greater national security issue andgrowing existential threat – climate change. The White House, Department of Energy, and the National Nuclear Security Administration have not yet responded to this recommendation.

— Ted Volskay, LWVSC Issues Specialist, Environmental