In response to multiple mass shootings in 2022

Our country continues to be devastated by mass shootings. The Gun Violence Archive shows
that the number of all gun violence deaths is rising with each passing year, with 692 individuals
killed in mass shootings in 2021. The Center for Disease Control and National Institutes of
Health report over 45,000 deaths due to gun violence in 2020. The New England Journal of
Medicine published that in 2020 “firearm-related injuries became the leading cause of death”
amongst children 19 and under. These sobering statistics show clearly that urgent action is
needed to curb this epidemic.

photo of man holding rifle
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Therefore, we affirm the following statement regarding guns as stated in the 2020 Friends
Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Statement of Legislative Policy.

The huge number of guns in the United States negatively impacts most of the priorities we seek
for our world and harms people in myriad ways. The presence of a gun in situations where there
is domestic abuse, where a person is considering suicide or has shown a tendency to violence, or
where extreme racism is present can easily lead to tragedy. Friends believe that through the
Spirit there is always a chance for reconciliation, rehabilitation, and personal transformation.

Too often, the presence of guns at critical times cuts short potential opportunities for redirection
and renewal, resulting in tragic consequences. We support efforts to reduce gun violence by
such measures as regulating gun ownership, possession, and use through the implementation of
universal background checks, bans on military-style weapons, and public health-oriented
research and education.

In support of an increased quality of life that is afforded by a peaceable nation, we ask for the

 Ban the sale and use of military-style large magazine rifles in the civilian population.
 Expand the Brady Bill to include strengthening and updating current processes to close
current gaps in national background checks.
 Require insurance for every gun in the United States.
 Legislate the end of advertisements that glamorize guns and gun usage.
As Quakers, we continue to work for peace and seek to eliminate violence where possible. We
ask our leaders to join in this effort.