Benevolent giving and nurturing

On September 18, we will have Meeting for Worship at 10:00, at the Meetinghouse and virtually. The zoom link is:

The Second Hour will be a very important session on how we as a Meeting do benevolent giving and nurturing. Several of our regular and long-term recipients of benevolent giving, including both Members/Attenders of the Meeting and members of the wider community, have reached a crisis point at this particular point in time. Due to the urgency, this will be not just a discussion, but a problem-solving gathering on the part of the Meeting, regarding how we might best meet the needs of those we are assisting.

Questions include: 

What do we do if our funds no longer meet our needs?

Should we no longer try to help members of the community outside our Meeting? 

To what degree do we have a commitment to help Members and Attenders in need, as we all get older?How can we preventively address the underlying problems that lead to crisis?