Elder Fraud Forum


Let’s gather for virtual meeting this Sunday morning.  Worship in silence begins at 10 AM and fellowship follows at 11 o’clock.  As always, we are indebted to Beth for our Zoom service and to Aaron for hosting.


On Saturday, November 18, Aaron will speak for Quakers in a Thanksgiving program presented by Aiken Interfaith Partners.  Various faith groups will participate:  Baha’i, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Pagan, Quaker, Sikh and UU.  Each will have about five minutes to give a brief description of the faith and a song or two from their music.  The program begins at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall of First Baptist Church, 120 Chesterfield St. N.  Admission is free and there will be cookies after.

Below is information about an FBI presentation on preventing elder fraud.  This has nothing to do with Quakerism, but this is an issue in which we are all vulnerable or know someone who is.  It’s in Columbia but may be worth the drive.

Hope to see everyone Sunday morning.