Dec 3rd Potluck Sunday

We will be Meeting for Worship on December 3 at 10:00, in person and by way of zoom. The zoom link is:

dinnerware on table
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First Day School will be available for Young Friends.

From the Building and Grounds Committee:

We are experimenting with new seating arrangements in the worship room and have reoriented the center four pews. Check it out on your next visit to the Meeting House.

During the Second Hour we will have our monthly potluck lunch. Bring a dish to share if you’d like, but in any case please join in! Those participating by zoom will have extended check-ins. 

Potluck First Day is also Peanut Butter First Day.  Along with your dish, consider bringing a jar of peanut butter and place it in the Harvest Hope box in the foyer. Those who participate via zoom might donate directly to Harvest Hope Food Bank.