2nd Hour Programs

“2nd Hour” refers to the second part of a typical Sunday Meeting. It is the “Programmed” part of the meeting where Friends may discuss business, invite guest presenters or organizer a special activity.

Upcoming Programs:

  • Green Growth and Degrowth
    There will be First Day School available for Young Friends.During the Second Hour, Anne Burke will present ideas and suggestions on possible Personal Responses to Degrowth. 1.  Review of definitions of Green Growth and Degrowth as presented in the debate 2.  Review of Nate Hagens’s commentary 3.  Personal steps to Degrowth 4.  Community steps to Degrowth 5. … Continue reading Green Growth and Degrowth
  • Benevolent giving and nurturing
    On September 18, we will have Meeting for Worship at 10:00, at the Meetinghouse and virtually. The zoom link is:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2934909472 The Second Hour will be a very important session on how we as a Meeting do benevolent giving and nurturing. Several of our regular and long-term recipients of benevolent giving, including both Members/Attenders of the Meeting… Continue reading Benevolent giving and nurturing

Past Programs: