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Columbia Friends gather weekly both in person and online through our zoom link.

What to Expect — First hour, or Unprogrammed Worship

Our time together is scheduled to begin at 10am. Regardless of when we arrive, we typically enter the building respectful of others who may already be sitting in silence. There is generally a “centering” that occurs at the beginning of Meetings when Friends seek to clear their minds of distractions and come to a receptive state. We listen and wait for a direct experience of the Divine. Some may be moved to share their experience by standing and speaking. All friends young and old typically enter the meeting and sit together for the first 15 minutes, after which the young friends will move to another room or gather outside for a planned activity. The meeting ends when friends shake hands and greet each other (usually at 11:00). Following worship, Friends share joys and sorrows, welcome new people, share announcements and enjoy a time of fellowship.

When We Speak

Out of the silence, some will feel their thoughts and feelings gathering around a specific idea, thought, or experience. Sometimes these thoughts and feelings coalesce into a message. That message is most often meant only for the individual worshipper. But sometimes that message is meant to be shared. It is up to the individual to discern the difference. Friends describe being “pushed” or “nudged” from their seat when they need to share a message. Individuals who are moved to share a message will stand and speak from their own experience. Messages do not need to be poetic or eloquent or long, and are often powerful in their simplicity. A period of silence between speakers is customary, and helps all to reflect on the message that was given. (Thanks to Mountain View Friends Meeting for this brief description on the topic)

What to Expect — 2nd Hour

Oftentimes friends have planned to spend time together in fellowship following the first hour. Their may be a potluck, a presentation from an invited speaker, a planned discussion among friends, or if its the 2nd Sunday of the Month, our Meeting for Business where we address practical matters regarding the needs and resources of our community.

Learn More

Here is a list of resources available from other Meetings and Websites:

Friend’s Journal 2007 Article Titled: What Happens In The Silence.

Glossary of Terms from