New Bombs Headed to old bomb plant?

By Suzanne Rhodes, special to Statehouse Report | An arm of the U.S. Department ofEnergy (DOE) is proposing to build plutonium pits for bombs at its Aiken Savannah RiverSite (SRS).

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), whose mission is in part, “toreduce the global danger from weapons of mass destruction” claims an urgent need forboth new weapons and delivery systems. To expedite the mission, it proposes using theempty shell of a hastily-constructed and abandoned building to make the cores of theweapons.

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Columbia Friends Pendle Hill Pamphlets

Columbia Friends

Pendle Hill Pamphlets

#20 – Guide to Quaker Practice by Howard H. Brinton
#55 – The Pendle Hill Idea (An Account of a Center for Study, a Place of Work and Worship, a Quaker Experiment in
Community) by Howard H. Brinton
#59 – Quaker Strongholds by Caroline Stephen (passages edited by Mary Gould Ogilvie) (3 copies)
#64 – Of Holy Disobedience by A. J. Muste
#87 – A Shelter from Compassion by Ruth E. Durr
#120 – William Law (Selections on the Interior Life) with comments by Mary Morrison
#126 – Readiness for Religion by Harold Loukes
# 134 – From Convincement to Conversion by Martin Cobin
#136 – The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism by Kenneth E. Boulding
#142 – Dear Gift of Life (A Man’s Encounter with Death) by Bradford Smith
#173 – Evolution and the Inward Light by Howard H. Brinton
#194 – Quakerism of the Future (Mystical, Prophetic & Evangelical) by John Yungblut
#182 – On Speaking out of the Silence (Vocal Ministry in the Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship) by Douglas V. Steere
#187 – The Living Witness of John Woolman by Phillips P. Moulton
#193 – The Available Mind by Carol R Murphy
#203 – Sex and the Human Psyche (Toward a Contemporary Ethic) by John Yungblut
#226 – Homosexuality and the Bible (An Interpretation) by Walter Barnett (2 copies)
#227 – Women Ministers (A Quaker Contribution) by Robert J. Leach
#229 – Henry Hodgkin (The Road to Pendle Hill) by John Ormerod Greenwood
#230 – The Life of the Spirit in Women (A Jungian Approach) by Helen M. Luke
#242 – The Journal and the Journey by Mary C. Morrison
#245 – Alternative Christianity by John Punshon
#249 – Speaking as one Friend to Another (On the Mystical Way Forward) by John Yungblut (2 copies)
#259 – Stewardship of Wealth by Kingdon W. Swayne
#260 – The Way of the Cross by Mary C Morrison
#261 – Interconnections by Elaine M. Prevallet
#264- Leading and Being Led by Paul A Lacey (3 copies)
#269 – The Seed and the Tree (A Reflection on Non-Violence) by Daniel A. Seeger
#270 – The Sanctuary Church by Jim Corbett
#271 – Practicing Compassion for the Stranger by Nancy C. Alexander (2 copies)
#272 – Going Back (A Poet Who was Once a Marine Returns to Vietnam) by W. D. Ehrhart (2 copies)
#273 – Abraham Lincoln and the Quakers by Daniel Bassuk
#274 – Nonviolence on Trial by Robert W. Hillegass (2 copies)
#275 – The Needle’s Eye (A Philippine Experience) by Carol Reilley Urner (2 copies)
#276 – Meditations on a D Major Scale by Bertha May Nicholson
#277 – What is Quakerism? (A Primer) by George T. Peck
#278 – Education and the Inward Teacher by Paul A Lacey
#279 – The Apocalyptic Witness (A Radical Calling for Our own Times) by William Durland
#280 – An Attender at the Altar by Jay C. Rochelle (2 copies)
#281 – A Quaker Theology of Pastoral Care (The Art of the Everyday) by Zoe White (2 copies)
#282 – Batter my Heart by Gracia Fay Ellwood (2 copies)
#283 – Sink Down to the Seed by Charlotte Fardlemann
#284 – Thomas R. Kelly as I Remember Him by T. Canby Jones
#285 – Letter to a Universalist by John Punshon
#286 – War Taxes (Experiences of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Quakers Through the American Revolution) by Elaine J.
#287 – Milestone 70 by Carol Murphy
#288 – Improvisation & Spiritual Disciplines (Continuing the Divine-Human Duet) by Carol Conti-Entin (2 copies)
#289 – To Meet at the Source – Hindus and Quakers by Martha Dart (2 copies)
#290 – Quaker Money by S. Francis Nicholson
#291 – Prayer in the Contemporary World by Douglas V. Steere
#292 – On Hallowing One’s Diminishments by John Yunblut
#294 – Women of Power and Presence (The Spiritual Formation of Four Quaker Women Ministers) by Maureen Graham
#295 – Inward Light and the New Creation (A Theological Meditation on the Center and Circum ference of
Quakerism) by R. Melvin Keiser (2 copies)
#296 – The Testimony of Integrity in the Religious Society of Friends by Wilmer A. Cooper
#297 – Gospel Order (A Quaker Understanding of Faithful Church Community) by Sandra L. Cronk (3 copies)
#299 – Vistas from Inner Stillness by Richard L. Walker
#300 – Therefore Choose Life (The Spiritual Challenge of the Nuclear Age) – by John Tallmadge
#303 – Words Wordlessness and the Word by Peter Bien
#304 – Mind What Stirs in your Heart by Teresina Havens (2 copies)
#305 – Spiritual Discernment (The Context and Goal of Clearness Communities) by Patricia Loring (3 copies)
#306 – Four Doors to Meeting for Worship by William Taber (3 copies)
#307 – Beyond Consensus by Barry Morley (3 Copies)
#308 – Marriage (A Spiritual Leading for Lesbian, Gay & Straight Couples) by Leslie Hill (1993)
#309 – Universalism and Spirituality by Ralph Hetherington
#311 – Without Nightfall Upon the Spirit by Mary C. Morrison
#313 – Friends and Alcohol (Recovering a Forgotten Testimony) by Robert Levering
#314 – Spiritual Hospitality (A Quaker’s Understanding of Outreach) by Harvey Gilman
#316 – For That Solitary Individual (An Octogenarian’s Counsel on Living and Dying) by John Yungblut
#318 – Silence Our Eye on Eternity by Daniel A. Seeger
#319 – Stories from Kenya by Tom and Liz Gates
#320 – Leadership among Friends by Ron McDonald
#321 – No Royal Road to Reconciliation by Gene Knudsen Hoffman
#322 – Nonviolence and Community (Reflections on the Alternatives to Violence Project) by Newton
Garver and Eric Reitan
#323 – An Experiment in Faith (Quaker Women Transcending Differences) by Margery Post Abbott (2 copies)
#324 – Travel In by Douglass V. Steere
#325 – The Unconscious by Robert C. Murphy, M.D.
#326 – Liberation Theology for Quakers by Alice and Staughton Lynd
#327 – Depression and Spiritual Growth by Dimitri Mihalas
#329 – There is a Fountain (A Quaker Life in Process) by Helen Steere Horn
#330 – Searching for the Real Jesus by Roland L. Warren
#332 – The Burning One-ness Binding Everything (A Spiritual Journey) by Bruce Birchard (2 copies)
#335 – Come Aside and Rest Awhile by Frances Irene Taber
#336 – God’s Spirit in Nature by Judith Brown
#338 – Touched by God in Quaker Meeting by Kenneth Carroll
#340 – A Song of Death, Our Spiritual Birth (A Quaker Way of Dying) by Lucy Screechfield MIver
#341 – Sickness, Suffering and Healing (More Stories from Another Place) by Tom Gates
#342 – Beyond the Bars (A Quaker Primer for Prison Visitors) by Keith R. Maddock
#344 – Dancing with God by Jennifer Elam (2 copies)
#345 – More than Equals (Spiritual Friendships) by Trish Roberts (2 copies)
#346 – Treasure in Clay Jars by Elizabeth Ostrander Sutton (2 copies)
#347 – Tall Poppies (Supporting Gifts of Ministry and Eldering in the Monthly Meeting) by Martha Paxson
Grundy (2 copies)
#348 – Journey to Bosnia Return to Self by Suzanne Hubbard O’Hatnick
#349 – The Radiance and Risks of Mythmaking by Gilbert H. Kilpack
#350 – I have always wanted to be Jewish (And now, thanks to the Religious Society of Friends, I am) by
Claire Gorfinkel
#351 – Jacob Boehme (Insights into the Challenge of Evil) by Ann Liem
#352 – Navigating the Living Waters of the Gospel of John
(On Wading With Children and Swimming with
Elephants) by Paul N. Anderson
#353 – Letting that Go, Keeping This (The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Fritz Eichenberg) by Philip Harnden
#354 – Live the Questions: Write into the Answers by Barbara E. Parsons and Mary C. Morrison (2 copies)
#358 – Reflections from a Prayer Vigil for Peace by John Andrew Gallery
#360 – Quaker Social Testimony in our Personal and Corporate Life by Jonathan Dale
#361 – Journey through Skepticism by Roland L Warren.
#362 – Bringing God Home (Exploring Family Spirituality) by Mary Kay Rehard
#363 – Profession and Practice: Quaker Perspectives on Healing as Ministry by Maureen A. Flannery
#364 – Gift of Days by Mary C. Morrison
#365 – “ . . . The Authority of our meetings is the Power of God” by Paul A. Lacey
#366 – Invitation to a Deeper Communion by Marcelle Martin
#367 – Quaker in Vietnam: Rick Thompson by Beth Taylor
#369 – Meditations on the Prayer of St. Francis by Anne Curo
#370 – A Quaker in the Zendo by Steve Smith
#371 – Members One of Another (The Dynamics of Membership in Quaker Meeting) by Thomas Gates (3 copies)
#372 – Living the Peace Testimony: The Legacy of Howard and Anna Brinton by Anthony Manousos
#374 – The Practice of the Love of God by Kenneth Boulding
#375 – Quaker Views on Mysticism by Margery Post Abbott (2 copies)
#376 – Henry J. Cadbury (Scholar, Activist, Disciple) by Margaret Hope Bacon (2 copies)
#377 – Creeds and Quakers (What’s Belief Got to Do with It) by Robert Griswold (2 copies)
#378 – Living in Virtue, Declaring Against War (The Spiritual Roots of the Peace Testimony) by Steve Smith (2 copies)
#379 – Living Truth (A Spiritual Portrait of Pierre Ceresole) by Keith R. Maddock
#380 – A Very Good Week Behind Bars by Janeal Turnbull Ravndal
#381 – Fire of the Heart (Norman Morrison’s Legacy in Vietnam and at Home) by Anne Morrison Welsh (2 copies)
#382 – Holding One Another in the Light by Marcelle Martin
#383 – Answering the Call to Heal the World by Patience A. Schenck (2 copies)
#384 – The Mystery of Quaker Light by Peter Bien
#385 – In God We Die by Warren Ostrom
#386 – The Mindful Quaker (A Brief Introduction to Buddhist Wisdom for Friends) by Valerie Brown
#387 – Turnaround (Growing a 21st Century Religious Society of Friends) by Benjamin Lloyd (2 copies)
#388 – Expectant Listening (Finding God’s Thread of Guidance) by Michael Wajda
#389 – From West Point to Quakerism by Mike Heller (2 copies)
#390 – Special Education as a Spiritual Journey by Michael Resman (2 copies)
#391 – Getting Rooted (Living in the Cross; A path to Joy and Liberation) by Brian Drayton (2 copies)
#392 – Spirit-led Eldering (Integral to our Faith and Practice) by Margery Mears Larrabee (3 copies)
#393 – Turned in the Hand of God (Rebecca Janney Timbres Clark) by Lyndon S. Back
#394 – God’s Healing Grace (Reflections on a Journey with Mental and Spiritual Illness) by Mariellen Gilpin (3 copies)
#395 – Walt Whitman’s Spiritual Epic by Michael Robertson
#396 – God Raising Us – Parenting as a Spiritual Practice by Eileen Flanagan
#397 – Quaker Witness as Sacrament by Daniel O. Snyder (2 copies)
#399 – Matthew 18 (Wisdom for Living in Community) by Connie McPeak Green and Marty Paxson Grundy (2 copies)
#400 – Finding the Taproot of Simplicity (A Movement between Inner Knowledge and Outer Action) by
Frances Irene Taber
#401 – Three Ravens and Two Widows (A Perspective on Controversy Among Friends) by Richard Macy
#402 – Christianity and the Inner Life (21
Century Reflections on the Words of Early Friends) by Margery Post Abbott (2 copies)
#403 – Integrity, Ecology and Community (The Motion of Love) by Jennie M. Ratcliffe (2 copies)
#404 – Kindling a Life of Concern (Spirit-Led Quaker Action) by Jack Kirk
#405 – Envisioning a Moral Economy by Tom Head (2 copies)
#406 – The Mind of Christ (Bill Taber on Meeting for Business) by Michael Birkel, editor (2 copies)
#407 – Living From the Center (Mindfulness, Meditation and Centering for Friends) by Valerie Brown
#408 – An Art of Small Resurrections: Surviving the Texas Death Chamber by Walter Long (2 copies)
#409 – Who Do You Say I Am? By Lloyd Lee Wilson
#410 – Confident Quakerism by Ben Pink Dandelion (2 copies)
#411 – Plow Up the Fallow Ground (A Meditation in the Company of Early Friends) by Lu Harper (2 copies)
#412 – Answering the Violence (Encounters with Perpetrators) by John Lampen (2 copies)
#414 – Seeking Inner Peace (Presence, Pain, and Wholeness) by Elizabeth De Sa
#415 – Living our Testimony on Equality: A White Friend’s Experience by Patience A. Schenck
#418 – Some Thoughts on Becoming Eight-five by William Z. Shetter
#420 – Waging Peace (Discipline and Practice) by Pamela Haines
#421 – Heartfulness (Renewing Heart, Mind, and Spirit on Retreat and Beyond) by Valerie Brown
#422 – Reclaiming the Transcendent (God in Process) by Thomas Gates
#423 – Queries as Prayers by Ron Rembert
#424 – Nonviolent Direct Action as a Spiritual Path by Richard K. Taylor
#426 – ‘But Who Do You Say That I Am’ (Quakers and Christ Today) by Douglas Gwyn
#428 – Spiritual Accompaniment (An Experience of Two Friends Traveling in the Ministry) by Cathy Walling and Elaine Emily
(2 copies)
#429 – What We Stand On (War/Testimony) by Paul Christiansen
#430 – The Door In (“Author describes her decades-long search for a deeper relationship with the Divine”) by Renee
Crauder (2 copies)
#431 – Revelation and Revolution (Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness) by Steve Chase
#433 – Discovering Sacred Present in a Disenchanted World by Mary Conrow Coelho
#435 – “You are my Witnesses” (Witness & Testimony in the Biblical & Quaker Traditions) by Thomas Gates
#436 – Spreading the Fire (Challenging and Encouraging Friends through through Travel in the Ministry) by Debbie Humphries
#442 – Meeting at the Center (Living Love and Reconciling One with Another) by Bruce Birchard
#446 – Coming to Light (Cultivating Spiritual Discernment through the Quaker Clearness Committee) by Valerie Brown
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