SC Christian Council New CEO

The Board of Directors of the South Carolina ChristianAction Council announces the hiring of Rev. Regina H. Moore as the new Executive Minister & CEO effective February 16, 2021. She succeeds Rev. Brenda L. Kneece who retired October 31, 2020 after serving faithfully for 21 years.According to Board Chairman Theodore Jackson, “Rev. Moore is the… Continue reading SC Christian Council New CEO


Please join Columbia Friends for a Second Hour Program on December 27th at 11:30 to hear the spiritual journey of Lori Donath from Columbia Friends Meeting. Lori Donath participates in various groups within Columbia FriendsMeeting; the rest of the time she mothers two young children, wrangles a wild yarden, and teaches about/studies language, culture, and… Continue reading LORI DONATH SPIRITUAL JOURNEY