Constitutional Convention Resolutions

December 10, 2020Constitutional Convention Resolutions: Why You Should CareResolutions to amend the U. S. Constitution through a “Balanced Budget Article V Convention” resolution or a “Convention of States” resolution made significant progress in the South Carolina General Assembly and have already been passed in legislatures in many states. These resolutions represent a substantial danger to…

Accepting Wallace’s Challenge

{jcomments lock} Note: Friend Jerry Rudolph and I have exchanged a series of comments appended to his January 2nd post, “Response to Wallace Article in Friends Journal” (see comments 3 and 4). What follows is a slightly edited version of my comment number 6, which I wanted to share more widely. –Mike Shell

A Conversation About Quakerism

Host Dennis Wholey for a conversation about Quakerism – beliefs and practices – with Deborra Sines Pancoe, member of the Religious Society of Friends in Philadelphia, PA