Intergenerational Sundays

On November 29 there will be an Intergenerational Event. We will Meet for Worship from 10:00 to 10:30. The link is:

“For this Intergenerational Event, Young Friends ask everyone to either WEAR or DRESS UP as some kind of food. Find your zany spirit and consider this virtual gathering an opportunity to discover humility as well as gratitude, and to celebrate these offerings together.

Every 5th First Day of the month is designated as intergenerational.   The Meeting for Worship includes young Friends with the adults for a period of 30 minutes rather than an hour.    After Meeting for Worship,  adults and children participate together in an open, casual format  from 10:30 until the completion of the program.   The program is usually planned by either the First Day School Committee, Ministry and Nurture or the parents of the Young Friends