Meeting House Renovations

Columbia Friends Gathering received the property from the United Methodists in 2010 and began renovating the building in 2011 under the guidance of Rick Schoolmeester. The Midlands Center had been using the building on occasion for funerals of some patients and to store a few things, but it gradually began to give into decay over the years.

Here are some images of the building before we started renovation.

Here are some images taken during and after the renovation.

  • unfinished floor after removing carpet and glue and sanding.
  • Starting a new library
  • After renovation including fans, lights, after removing the suspended ceiling and repairing the original ceiling,
  • Building extension with new floor, ceiling, paint, and lights
  • Inside the new bathroom with shower. (was the second side room on west side of meeting room.)
  • The other end of the new bathroom.
  • The shower