Columbia Friends Pendle Hill Pamphlets

Columbia Friends

Pendle Hill Pamphlets

#20 – Guide to Quaker Practice by Howard H. Brinton
#55 – The Pendle Hill Idea (An Account of a Center for Study, a Place of Work and Worship, a Quaker Experiment in
Community) by Howard H. Brinton
#59 – Quaker Strongholds by Caroline Stephen (passages edited by Mary Gould Ogilvie) (3 copies)
#64 – Of Holy Disobedience by A. J. Muste
#87 – A Shelter from Compassion by Ruth E. Durr
#120 – William Law (Selections on the Interior Life) with comments by Mary Morrison
#126 – Readiness for Religion by Harold Loukes
# 134 – From Convincement to Conversion by Martin Cobin
#136 – The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism by Kenneth E. Boulding
#142 – Dear Gift of Life (A Man’s Encounter with Death) by Bradford Smith
#173 – Evolution and the Inward Light by Howard H. Brinton
#194 – Quakerism of the Future (Mystical, Prophetic & Evangelical) by John Yungblut
#182 – On Speaking out of the Silence (Vocal Ministry in the Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship) by Douglas V. Steere
#187 – The Living Witness of John Woolman by Phillips P. Moulton
#193 – The Available Mind by Carol R Murphy
#203 – Sex and the Human Psyche (Toward a Contemporary Ethic) by John Yungblut
#226 – Homosexuality and the Bible (An Interpretation) by Walter Barnett (2 copies)
#227 – Women Ministers (A Quaker Contribution) by Robert J. Leach
#229 – Henry Hodgkin (The Road to Pendle Hill) by John Ormerod Greenwood
#230 – The Life of the Spirit in Women (A Jungian Approach) by Helen M. Luke
#242 – The Journal and the Journey by Mary C. Morrison
#245 – Alternative Christianity by John Punshon
#249 – Speaking as one Friend to Another (On the Mystical Way Forward) by John Yungblut (2 copies)
#259 – Stewardship of Wealth by Kingdon W. Swayne
#260 – The Way of the Cross by Mary C Morrison
#261 – Interconnections by Elaine M. Prevallet
#264- Leading and Being Led by Paul A Lacey (3 copies)
#269 – The Seed and the Tree (A Reflection on Non-Violence) by Daniel A. Seeger
#270 – The Sanctuary Church by Jim Corbett
#271 – Practicing Compassion for the Stranger by Nancy C. Alexander (2 copies)
#272 – Going Back (A Poet Who was Once a Marine Returns to Vietnam) by W. D. Ehrhart (2 copies)
#273 – Abraham Lincoln and the Quakers by Daniel Bassuk
#274 – Nonviolence on Trial by Robert W. Hillegass (2 copies)
#275 – The Needle’s Eye (A Philippine Experience) by Carol Reilley Urner (2 copies)
#276 – Meditations on a D Major Scale by Bertha May Nicholson
#277 – What is Quakerism? (A Primer) by George T. Peck
#278 – Education and the Inward Teacher by Paul A Lacey
#279 – The Apocalyptic Witness (A Radical Calling for Our own Times) by William Durland
#280 – An Attender at the Altar by Jay C. Rochelle (2 copies)
#281 – A Quaker Theology of Pastoral Care (The Art of the Everyday) by Zoe White (2 copies)
#282 – Batter my Heart by Gracia Fay Ellwood (2 copies)
#283 – Sink Down to the Seed by Charlotte Fardlemann
#284 – Thomas R. Kelly as I Remember Him by T. Canby Jones
#285 – Letter to a Universalist by John Punshon
#286 – War Taxes (Experiences of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Quakers Through the American Revolution) by Elaine J.
#287 – Milestone 70 by Carol Murphy
#288 – Improvisation & Spiritual Disciplines (Continuing the Divine-Human Duet) by Carol Conti-Entin (2 copies)
#289 – To Meet at the Source – Hindus and Quakers by Martha Dart (2 copies)
#290 – Quaker Money by S. Francis Nicholson
#291 – Prayer in the Contemporary World by Douglas V. Steere
#292 – On Hallowing One’s Diminishments by John Yunblut
#294 – Women of Power and Presence (The Spiritual Formation of Four Quaker Women Ministers) by Maureen Graham
#295 – Inward Light and the New Creation (A Theological Meditation on the Center and Circum ference of
Quakerism) by R. Melvin Keiser (2 copies)
#296 – The Testimony of Integrity in the Religious Society of Friends by Wilmer A. Cooper
#297 – Gospel Order (A Quaker Understanding of Faithful Church Community) by Sandra L. Cronk (3 copies)
#299 – Vistas from Inner Stillness by Richard L. Walker
#300 – Therefore Choose Life (The Spiritual Challenge of the Nuclear Age) – by John Tallmadge
#303 – Words Wordlessness and the Word by Peter Bien
#304 – Mind What Stirs in your Heart by Teresina Havens (2 copies)
#305 – Spiritual Discernment (The Context and Goal of Clearness Communities) by Patricia Loring (3 copies)
#306 – Four Doors to Meeting for Worship by William Taber (3 copies)
#307 – Beyond Consensus by Barry Morley (3 Copies)
#308 – Marriage (A Spiritual Leading for Lesbian, Gay & Straight Couples) by Leslie Hill (1993)
#309 – Universalism and Spirituality by Ralph Hetherington
#311 – Without Nightfall Upon the Spirit by Mary C. Morrison
#313 – Friends and Alcohol (Recovering a Forgotten Testimony) by Robert Levering
#314 – Spiritual Hospitality (A Quaker’s Understanding of Outreach) by Harvey Gilman
#316 – For That Solitary Individual (An Octogenarian’s Counsel on Living and Dying) by John Yungblut
#318 – Silence Our Eye on Eternity by Daniel A. Seeger
#319 – Stories from Kenya by Tom and Liz Gates
#320 – Leadership among Friends by Ron McDonald
#321 – No Royal Road to Reconciliation by Gene Knudsen Hoffman
#322 – Nonviolence and Community (Reflections on the Alternatives to Violence Project) by Newton
Garver and Eric Reitan
#323 – An Experiment in Faith (Quaker Women Transcending Differences) by Margery Post Abbott (2 copies)
#324 – Travel In by Douglass V. Steere
#325 – The Unconscious by Robert C. Murphy, M.D.
#326 – Liberation Theology for Quakers by Alice and Staughton Lynd
#327 – Depression and Spiritual Growth by Dimitri Mihalas
#329 – There is a Fountain (A Quaker Life in Process) by Helen Steere Horn
#330 – Searching for the Real Jesus by Roland L. Warren
#332 – The Burning One-ness Binding Everything (A Spiritual Journey) by Bruce Birchard (2 copies)
#335 – Come Aside and Rest Awhile by Frances Irene Taber
#336 – God’s Spirit in Nature by Judith Brown
#338 – Touched by God in Quaker Meeting by Kenneth Carroll
#340 – A Song of Death, Our Spiritual Birth (A Quaker Way of Dying) by Lucy Screechfield MIver
#341 – Sickness, Suffering and Healing (More Stories from Another Place) by Tom Gates
#342 – Beyond the Bars (A Quaker Primer for Prison Visitors) by Keith R. Maddock
#344 – Dancing with God by Jennifer Elam (2 copies)
#345 – More than Equals (Spiritual Friendships) by Trish Roberts (2 copies)
#346 – Treasure in Clay Jars by Elizabeth Ostrander Sutton (2 copies)
#347 – Tall Poppies (Supporting Gifts of Ministry and Eldering in the Monthly Meeting) by Martha Paxson
Grundy (2 copies)
#348 – Journey to Bosnia Return to Self by Suzanne Hubbard O’Hatnick
#349 – The Radiance and Risks of Mythmaking by Gilbert H. Kilpack
#350 – I have always wanted to be Jewish (And now, thanks to the Religious Society of Friends, I am) by
Claire Gorfinkel
#351 – Jacob Boehme (Insights into the Challenge of Evil) by Ann Liem
#352 – Navigating the Living Waters of the Gospel of John
(On Wading With Children and Swimming with
Elephants) by Paul N. Anderson
#353 – Letting that Go, Keeping This (The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Fritz Eichenberg) by Philip Harnden
#354 – Live the Questions: Write into the Answers by Barbara E. Parsons and Mary C. Morrison (2 copies)
#358 – Reflections from a Prayer Vigil for Peace by John Andrew Gallery
#360 – Quaker Social Testimony in our Personal and Corporate Life by Jonathan Dale
#361 – Journey through Skepticism by Roland L Warren.
#362 – Bringing God Home (Exploring Family Spirituality) by Mary Kay Rehard
#363 – Profession and Practice: Quaker Perspectives on Healing as Ministry by Maureen A. Flannery
#364 – Gift of Days by Mary C. Morrison
#365 – “ . . . The Authority of our meetings is the Power of God” by Paul A. Lacey
#366 – Invitation to a Deeper Communion by Marcelle Martin
#367 – Quaker in Vietnam: Rick Thompson by Beth Taylor
#369 – Meditations on the Prayer of St. Francis by Anne Curo
#370 – A Quaker in the Zendo by Steve Smith
#371 – Members One of Another (The Dynamics of Membership in Quaker Meeting) by Thomas Gates (3 copies)
#372 – Living the Peace Testimony: The Legacy of Howard and Anna Brinton by Anthony Manousos
#374 – The Practice of the Love of God by Kenneth Boulding
#375 – Quaker Views on Mysticism by Margery Post Abbott (2 copies)
#376 – Henry J. Cadbury (Scholar, Activist, Disciple) by Margaret Hope Bacon (2 copies)
#377 – Creeds and Quakers (What’s Belief Got to Do with It) by Robert Griswold (2 copies)
#378 – Living in Virtue, Declaring Against War (The Spiritual Roots of the Peace Testimony) by Steve Smith (2 copies)
#379 – Living Truth (A Spiritual Portrait of Pierre Ceresole) by Keith R. Maddock
#380 – A Very Good Week Behind Bars by Janeal Turnbull Ravndal
#381 – Fire of the Heart (Norman Morrison’s Legacy in Vietnam and at Home) by Anne Morrison Welsh (2 copies)
#382 – Holding One Another in the Light by Marcelle Martin
#383 – Answering the Call to Heal the World by Patience A. Schenck (2 copies)
#384 – The Mystery of Quaker Light by Peter Bien
#385 – In God We Die by Warren Ostrom
#386 – The Mindful Quaker (A Brief Introduction to Buddhist Wisdom for Friends) by Valerie Brown
#387 – Turnaround (Growing a 21st Century Religious Society of Friends) by Benjamin Lloyd (2 copies)
#388 – Expectant Listening (Finding God’s Thread of Guidance) by Michael Wajda
#389 – From West Point to Quakerism by Mike Heller (2 copies)
#390 – Special Education as a Spiritual Journey by Michael Resman (2 copies)
#391 – Getting Rooted (Living in the Cross; A path to Joy and Liberation) by Brian Drayton (2 copies)
#392 – Spirit-led Eldering (Integral to our Faith and Practice) by Margery Mears Larrabee (3 copies)
#393 – Turned in the Hand of God (Rebecca Janney Timbres Clark) by Lyndon S. Back
#394 – God’s Healing Grace (Reflections on a Journey with Mental and Spiritual Illness) by Mariellen Gilpin (3 copies)
#395 – Walt Whitman’s Spiritual Epic by Michael Robertson
#396 – God Raising Us – Parenting as a Spiritual Practice by Eileen Flanagan
#397 – Quaker Witness as Sacrament by Daniel O. Snyder (2 copies)
#399 – Matthew 18 (Wisdom for Living in Community) by Connie McPeak Green and Marty Paxson Grundy (2 copies)
#400 – Finding the Taproot of Simplicity (A Movement between Inner Knowledge and Outer Action) by
Frances Irene Taber
#401 – Three Ravens and Two Widows (A Perspective on Controversy Among Friends) by Richard Macy
#402 – Christianity and the Inner Life (21
Century Reflections on the Words of Early Friends) by Margery Post Abbott (2 copies)
#403 – Integrity, Ecology and Community (The Motion of Love) by Jennie M. Ratcliffe (2 copies)
#404 – Kindling a Life of Concern (Spirit-Led Quaker Action) by Jack Kirk
#405 – Envisioning a Moral Economy by Tom Head (2 copies)
#406 – The Mind of Christ (Bill Taber on Meeting for Business) by Michael Birkel, editor (2 copies)
#407 – Living From the Center (Mindfulness, Meditation and Centering for Friends) by Valerie Brown
#408 – An Art of Small Resurrections: Surviving the Texas Death Chamber by Walter Long (2 copies)
#409 – Who Do You Say I Am? By Lloyd Lee Wilson
#410 – Confident Quakerism by Ben Pink Dandelion (2 copies)
#411 – Plow Up the Fallow Ground (A Meditation in the Company of Early Friends) by Lu Harper (2 copies)
#412 – Answering the Violence (Encounters with Perpetrators) by John Lampen (2 copies)
#414 – Seeking Inner Peace (Presence, Pain, and Wholeness) by Elizabeth De Sa
#415 – Living our Testimony on Equality: A White Friend’s Experience by Patience A. Schenck
#418 – Some Thoughts on Becoming Eight-five by William Z. Shetter
#420 – Waging Peace (Discipline and Practice) by Pamela Haines
#421 – Heartfulness (Renewing Heart, Mind, and Spirit on Retreat and Beyond) by Valerie Brown
#422 – Reclaiming the Transcendent (God in Process) by Thomas Gates
#423 – Queries as Prayers by Ron Rembert
#424 – Nonviolent Direct Action as a Spiritual Path by Richard K. Taylor
#426 – ‘But Who Do You Say That I Am’ (Quakers and Christ Today) by Douglas Gwyn
#428 – Spiritual Accompaniment (An Experience of Two Friends Traveling in the Ministry) by Cathy Walling and Elaine Emily
(2 copies)
#429 – What We Stand On (War/Testimony) by Paul Christiansen
#430 – The Door In (“Author describes her decades-long search for a deeper relationship with the Divine”) by Renee
Crauder (2 copies)
#431 – Revelation and Revolution (Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness) by Steve Chase
#433 – Discovering Sacred Present in a Disenchanted World by Mary Conrow Coelho
#435 – “You are my Witnesses” (Witness & Testimony in the Biblical & Quaker Traditions) by Thomas Gates
#436 – Spreading the Fire (Challenging and Encouraging Friends through through Travel in the Ministry) by Debbie Humphries
#442 – Meeting at the Center (Living Love and Reconciling One with Another) by Bruce Birchard
#446 – Coming to Light (Cultivating Spiritual Discernment through the Quaker Clearness Committee) by Valerie Brown
Updated 7-8-18

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