Events and Programs

  • SAYMA Subsidized Tickets
    Tickets with promotion codes receive a 100% discount at check out.  *ENTER PROMOTION CODE AT TOP OF APPLICATION Children 12 and under  attend SAYMA Sessions & Retreat free of charge.  Register for a child’s ticket package. Young Adult Friends  SAYMA attendance is free for Young Adult Friends [YAF]  through a bequest from the Suzane and… Continue reading SAYMA Subsidized Tickets
  • An Introduction to Degrowth
    Degrowth is a process of planned and democratic reduction of production and consumption in rich countries, eventually reaching a steady state that operates within Earth’s biophysical limits.  The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in Chapter 5 of its latest report on Mitigation of Climate Change, has called for “consumption reduction, both voluntary and… Continue reading An Introduction to Degrowth
  • MIDLANDS GROUP of Sierra Club
    APRIL PROGRAM PRESENTATION CLIMATE STRATEGY of FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENTTHURSDAY, APRIL 286:45 PM from 8:00 PM on Zoom The fossil fuel industry thrives because of multiple financial supports, from taxbreaks and government subsidies, to investments by banks, institutions, andgovernments via pension funds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments.Even if you are not a share- or stockholder in… Continue reading MIDLANDS GROUP of Sierra Club
  • Systematic Inequality in SC Schools
    Tuesday April 5, 6-8:30 pm Russell House Ballroom We will be hosting a panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Bobby Donaldson, addressing the continuation of discrimination and inequality in SC education from desegregation until today. This will be a dinner event– for the first hour the panelists will address questions posed by Dr. Donaldson and the… Continue reading Systematic Inequality in SC Schools
  • Simple Gifts
    Poetry & original lyric songs 7-9 pm Tuesday 04/05 (Monthly) Columbia Friends Meeting House 120 Old Pisgah Road Columbia, SC, 29203 Featuring: Poet, Lawrence Rhu & Singer/songwriter, Lang Owen Followed by open mic (original poetry and music only) hosted by Poet, Al Black