Piedmont Friends Fellowship


Please share details of the planned  Piedmont Friends Fellowship Fall event with your members and attenders.

The event will be a Zoom meeting staring at 10:00 am on November 21.

The proposed format is 30 minutes of informal fellowship, 60 minutes of a Quaker history panel addressing three queries, and 30 minutes for small group discussion.

As described in the minutes of the PFF reps meeting:

Thinking behind the proposal was to hold the event weeks after the election,

limit the program to 2 hours to avoid Zoom fatigue, and to take advantage of the keen interest of the panelists who had been lined up in the spring only to see the retreat cancelled.

The queries we have asked panelist to consider are:

  • Share one of your favorite stories from early Quaker history
  • What early Quaker practice or testimony do you find most inspiring and relevant to facing the challenges of today
  • What challenges do you see in maintaining historical Quaker practices in the modern world

More details will follow as we finalize the schedule, but we have already confirmed a number of panelists

and are also exploring the possibility of adding  music to the program.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to sharing with you in November

In friendship,

Bill Moore


Piedmont Friends Fellowship