Integrated Health Community Project

Friends, young in age and young in heart, will be engaged in an Integrated Health Community Project on Sunday after the shortened meeting for worship 10:40- 12:30. The engagement will center on spiritual work that is integral to a thriving community and opportunities to remember who we are and the divine relationship we have with one another.

The intention of the Integrated Health project is to come together and to recognize that self care is important in creating a larger community of care.

The  community  members of the project will provide instruction  for a supportive activity, instruction and peace prayers for utilizing our labyrinth, energy tables for individual work, and healthy food to nourish the body (additional dishes are welcome, but not necessary, and you can bring your own bag lunch if you have dietary restrictions)

The Integrated Health Community Project through the sponsorship of Columbia Resilience, supports individuals and families through times of stressful life transitions that may be a result of natural disasters, financial burden, chronic pain, stress or post traumatic injury. The motto is “Community Heals” and the mission is to build emotional, spiritual and mental resilience through providing alternative therapies, self-care tools and classes that empower participants in their healing and participation in community life. 

Services are provided by licensed professional healthcare volunteers and community support partners. Donations are encouraged, but not required for services

The Integrated Health Community Project is part of Columbia Resilience, a nonprofit community organization, and is part of the Transition Town network. The vision is to create healthy, sustainable neighborhoods that foster creative solutions to becoming ecologically interdependent by being good neighbors and good stewards of our natural resources.

Cassandra will provide a clay table to put you in contact with the earth element and will offer  a 5 min yoga program for peace cleansing the Nadis.