April 16th Peace Pole Project

On April 16 we will have Meeting for Worship at 10:00, in person and by way of zoom. The zoom link is:

There will be First Day School for Young Friends.
During the Second Hour, the Peace Pole committee will offer a presentation on the newest Peace Pole project.

From Sallie:
On April 29, the 5th Sunday of April, we will worship for a half hour and then head to the kitchen to make lunch and pack lunch bags for the homeless and hungry at Food not Bombs.
There will sandwiches, carrots, fruit, cookie and drinks.  When we are finished we wii head to Finley Park to hand them out.  I will bring a sign-up list for the next 2 weeks if you are willing to bring some of the food.

We hope for lots of help as well as people to join us as we hand out the food.