SC Christian Council New CEO

Regina Moore

The Board of Directors of the South Carolina Christian
Action Council announces the hiring of Rev. Regina H. Moore as the new Executive Minister & CEO effective February 16, 2021. She succeeds Rev. Brenda L. Kneece who retired October 31, 2020 after serving faithfully for 21 years.
According to Board Chairman Theodore Jackson, “Rev. Moore is the right fit for the Council because of her commitment and understanding of ecumenism, social justice work, and philanthropic leadership”.

Regina is looking forward to being engaged with faith leaders, local congregations, and the general public across South Carolina as a positive voice for social justice. She welcomes opportunities to speak at virtual seminars, forums, town hall meetings focused on the Council’s position on specific policy issues and racial justice work.
The mission of the South Carolina Christian Action Council is to promote and bear living witness to the unity of the Body of Christ as we advocate for social justice, promote peace-making, and foster racial and cultural justice, healing, and reconciliation. You may contact her via email at or call (803) 461-3206 for additional