How to Log in Zoom

Here are Instructions For Friends NEW to Zoom Meeting APP.

Instructions For Persons New to the Zoom Meeting App

Before you attempt to click on link you should >>

Into your computer download and fully install the Zoom meeting app from . The steps to do this you will find are relatively simple and fast, and will be quite similar to any other apps you have installed into your computer.

At this point we believe it is not necessary to do anything else, until you are ready to join the CFM Zoom meeting.

When you are ready to join the CFM Zoom meeting, you simply click on the link:

Then you will be directed to the “waiting room” from where a host will admit you. (This is a requirement by Zoom, not our decision.) You don’t have to set anything up, but sometimes there’s likely a minute or so, delay before the waiting room opens.

It may happen that your viewing of an on-going Zoom meeting session gets interrupted, or is otherwise not working.

In which case, go to the upper left of your internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, etc), and click on “The Circle with Arrow”, to reload the page. At this point you will see “Join Meeting”. Again you simply click on this.

If these instructions need improvement, please let us know by emailing

PS: If you happen (at some time independent of the above instructions) to open the Zoom meeting app:

1)    You will see instructions to Set up Your Own Zoom  Account.

2)    But this is apparently not needed for a CFM Zoom Meeting Session, as discussed above.