Herb Spirals

The lovely addition of the herb spiral certainly relates to the program today on how we can  better connect with one another, support one another and center on what means most in our lives. When we are involved with our spiritual community it deepens our bonds by fostering fellowship. Hopefully, the addition will  be enjoyed by our community and also enhance our space. Many, many thanks to Karen Murphy for designing, organizing, and being the catalyst for this functional sculptural spiral. We hope you will enjoy using the culinary herbs in your meal creations.

First Day Foraging

This YouTube video above describes how to make fire using yucca.

First Day School had a unique opportunity on October 2, when Matt Kipp a local forager led young Friends and some guests on a plant forage at the meetinghouse.  Matt said of foraging, ” It offers me an abiding connection to my surroundings and a feeling of being at home in nature.


Many thanks to Matt for sharing with our young Friends that nature provides food and medicine, if we take the time and are aware of the plants around us. In these uncertain  times having information about the world we live in could be a wonderful resource in the future.The First Day Program desires to nurture young people’s connection to God, Meeting, and the Quaker community, by providing a welcoming setting, and we hold that the Creation needs to be respected and valued. The foraging class was a wonderful opportunity to take a deeper look at creation as Matt identified often overlooked plants that provide multiple benefits to our lives. This First Day Young Friends program certainly helped us appreciate our creation by identifying some of the plants in the space behind the meetinghouse.