Plowshare 7 1st Verdict

After a year of waiting since being convicted after trial in October 2019, two of the seven KBP defendants begin their sentences on Monday, December 14. Carmen Trotta and Martha Hennessy will be reporting to two different Federal Correctional Institutions on December 14 by 2 pm. There is a great risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus in prisons which have four times the rate of the general community.

Carmen, 58, who has provided three decades of hospitality and food at St. Joseph House Catholic Worker in NYC and been a key organizer to shut down Guantanamo and led protests to end the bombing and blockade of Yemen will report to FCI Otisville, NY. Community members will drive him an hour and a half north of NYC to begin his 14 month sentence. He has completed 7 1/2 weeks in pretrial confinement. Combined with good time, he may be released by November or December 2021.

Martha, 65, the granddaughter of Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, splits her time in Vermont living with her family and grandkids with serving at Maryhouse Catholic Worker
in NYC. She’ll be reporting to FCI Danbury, CT to begin a 10 month sentence. She has also served 7 1/2 weeks pretrial and may be released after 7 or 8 months. Danbury Federal prison gained notoriety from the TV mini-series, Orange is the New Black. Recently deceased plowshares activist Sr. Ardeth Platte was the model for one of the characters from her time there.

For more information down below of who to contact will be listed on the document.

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Allyship and Environmental Justice

This is the December meeting of theMidlands Group of the South Carolina Sierra Club

Monday, December 28, 20207:00 – 8:30 PM via Zoom

The Past Calendar Year has challenged our communities, our work, and our ideas in several ways. Elections, pandemics, climate change, and movements for racial liberation, have stretched us to organize creatively, and see more fully. More importantly, it has emphasized the need not for just a comfortable and passive unity, but for active and radical solidarity. This panel will allow members of our community to speak to the struggles and successes of the past year. Additionally, it offers the space to work through the urgent need for bold alliances moving forward. The urgent challenge we face to protect our common environment includes a concern to bring the whole beloved community together to seek safe, secure, and sustainable communities, for we know that things can, and need to change.

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“Hiroshima Remembrance” Events

Seventy-five years after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, survivors are #StillHere speaking truth to power.  Unfortunately, nuclear weapons are also  #StillHere.  That’s why Columbia’s Hiroshima Remembrance Committee and a national coalition of over 100 organizations are marking the 75th anniversary with calls to leaders to ensure that these weapons are never used again. 

Because of COVID-19, this year’s 30th “Hiroshima Remembrance” local event has been changed.  On Saturday, August 1st and Saturday, August 8th, committee members will be at the corner of Main and Blanding Streets (just north of Soda City) from 9 am to 11 am.  We’ll share our efforts to “Prioritize Peace in the U.S. Budget” and to say “No Plutonium Pits Production at SRS.”  More details on our Facebook events page:  “Hiroshima Remembrance: Envision Peace Now”

We are also excited to be participating in two national, virtual #StillHere events on Thursday, August 6th and Sunday, August 9th.  South Carolina’s nuclear issues will be highlighted on August 9th when our locally-produced documentary film short asks viewers to hold onto visions of peace and stand against nuclear proliferation. The 15-minute documentary, Peace Now: Clean Up Not Build Up at Savannah River Site,  “introduces audiences to SRS and to challenges met and those upcoming, namely the proposed production of plutonium pits (triggers for nuclear weapons) at SRS. Placing Savannah River Site in the context of nuclear weapons development more broadly, Tom Clements of SRS Watch, along with other South Carolina activists, inform and inspire on the long road to nuclear disarmament, where the work is hard, but the reward is priceless.”

Be sure to tune in on Sunday, August 9th to watch Peace Now: Clean Up Not Build Up at Savannah River Site  (scheduled to air 2:55 pm – 3:10 pm)  Go to for updates.  

Please join with us and tens of thousands of fellow peace-minded individuals in commemorating the 75th anniversary at the livestream #StillHere events August 6 & 9.  Together we will honor survivors, who are #StillHere, and commit to actions to finally eliminate the global nuclear threat, which is also, unfortunately, #StillHere. 

* Columbia’s 30th Hiroshima Remembrance is sponsored by The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and Carolina Peace Resource Center.