Entering into Force

Sierra Club and a coalition of national environmental, peace, and public health groups celebrate the entry into force of the TPNW. We congratulate the United Nations, our affiliate theInternational Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), and the fifty one countries who have ratified the historic TPNW. The Sierra Club has long called for the total… Continue reading Entering into Force

Nuclear Weapons Illegal

The path to a nuclear free United States could begin with a practical reordering of the nuclear budget as proposed by Global Zero in the report summarized below: The U.S. can reduce its nuclear force by over two-thirds, saving billions while maintaining an effective deterrent and setting the stage for all nuclear-armed states to work together on… Continue reading Nuclear Weapons Illegal

Plowshare 7

The program featured talks from Jeannine Hill-Fletcher, a professor of religion at Fordham University who testified at the Religious Freedom Restoration Act hearing and Paul Magno, a fellow plowsharesactivist with Patrick in the Pershing Plowshares in 1984. Some of the other KBP7 are expected to speak.Music will be provided by Luci Murphy, guitarist Scott Ainslie… Continue reading Plowshare 7

Westinghouse Decision

The Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility (CFFF) owned and operated by Westinghouse is located off Bluff Road in Hopkins, Lower Richland County, South Carolina. It manufactures nuclear fuel assemblies used in power plants. Leaks at the site have been an ongoing concern.Information about leaks and other radiological accidents are sent in technical documents difficult for ordinary South Carolinians to interpret. The… Continue reading Westinghouse Decision